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Matisse was a master painter, printmaker, collage artist and sculptor. His use of color and form continues to influence the work of artists today - one hundred years later. Matisse was influenced greatly by Primitive masks and he was the leader of the Fauve ("wild beast") movement. Fauvism was a movement in French painting that changed the way artists used color in their artworks. (From About.com)

He studied under Bouguereau and Gustave Moreau, and experimented with Pointillism, which he found rigidly confining. Later, building on the work of Cézanne and Gauguin, he developed Fauvism, the forerunner of Expressionism.
Born: 1869
Died: 1954
Major Works: 'Green Stripe (Madame Matisse)'
'La Joie de Vivre'
Image Links: 6900+ works
Site Pick: Web Museum, Paris



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