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Warhol was one of the major figures of the Pop Art movement in the 1960's. Originally Warhol was a commercial illustrator like many other Pop artists, and ended up exploiting the commercial icon in both subject matter and in production technique.

His multiple images of Campbell's soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles were produced with the silk-screen process especially suited for quantity reproduction. Most of his work was derived from pre-existing photographs and images from advertising media. He manipulated his images and arranged them in multiple rows with subtle variations. Warhol also applied this same technique to his portraits of movie stars, royalty, and sports figures. Warhol became a cult figure and superstar in his own right.

From TCANet
Born: 1930
Died: 1987
Major Works: 'Mao',
'Marilyn' Gardens'
'Campbell's Soup 1'
Image Links: 4400+ works
Site Pick: Warhol Museum



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