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Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding our site. If you aren't sure which department to contact, simply send us a general email and we will forward your note to the appropriate person. Due to the overwhelming numbers of emails we receive on a daily basis from all over the world, please understand that we cannot always reply as quickly as we would like, or in languages other than English (for now!) We do, however, welcome all suggestions and feedback and are working to develop parallel sites in other languages.

IMPORTANT! Please read the following carefully before sending us any email! Due to the growing number of Virus and Spam email we've been receiving lately, after you click on any of the email addresses below, you must REMOVE the word "NO-SPAM" that we pusposely inserted between the "@" and "picasso.com" in each of the 4 email addresses herebelow. or else your email will be lost in cyberspace forever :-)

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Questions about a specific Picasso artwork:
Contact Dr. Enrique Mallen, Director of The Online Picasso Project

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